Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Zeus Moose

Hi Pups and peoples

Im Zeus the husky, I live in Invercargill, New Zealand.
I'm 15month old so dad (my human) said I'm now old enough to use the computer myself so like the rest of my family i think its time I have my own dog blog.

Recently I've fathered to beautiful wee girls one black and white like her moma and one silver LIKE ME!

Heres a photo of my bestfriend and moma of my we girls Juno, she speaks chinese her owners befor she came to live with us were asian but she speaks english now, dad sez she was my asian mail order bride, he thinks its funny but i dont know what hes on about.........

And between her legs you can see my wee daughters, guna have to get dad to get the camera out cause we need more photos of dem befor they go 2 there new familys.

The silvers called Russia and the black girls nick named alaska at the moment. Anyway thats all ive got right now so i see a wee bit of carpet hanging at the edge i can chew on so I'll blog ya later.

Zeus Moose

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