Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New pics of my lil family

Hi Pups and Peoples

I made dad get the camera out for me, two legged folk are so slow at getting hints,
junos been trusting me more and more with our wee girls latley
but im still a lil freaked out when they run at me, but sshhhh dont tell anyone ;)This is me, mum and lil alaska - but junos warning me to be very carefull with we alaska! pfftt like i dont know about pups Im still a pup myself!
Juno being attacked by our wee snots
Me and alaska (shes very nosie)
wee alaskaLil Russia shes not to happy cause dad woke her up can you tell?
Tired out from play time

Now i just gota get dad to get the camera out more often wonder how i make him do that!

Licks and Hi 5's
Zeus Moose


  1. Zeus!

    Don't tempt face they'll have the kamrah out at every opportunity... when your napping, when your number 2ing, when you just want to have a few moments to yourself!

    But Welcome to Bloggyland! I'm sure you'll meet some great furiends

    PS those girls look like trouble!

  2. Bout time woo posted a pupdate Moose! Yur Paw is worse than my Maw with bloggieland! Tell him to contact Maw too, she been textin him but he not answering her.

    Do woo think I'd be allowed to meet my little nieces sometime?

    Play bows and woofs